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Indian GK part 31

1. Which disease is caused by bacteria and spread though faecal matter by houseflies ? 2. Who is the ex-officio Chairman ...


Indian GK part 14 ( Hind

1. यूएन कार्यक्रम क्या है और विशेष एजेंसी नहीं है ? 2. प्रसिद्ध उपन्यास ′गॉन विद द विंड′ के लेखक कौन ...


Indian GK part 30

1. Which decade is celebrated as decade of Action for road safety? 2. What is the sum total of incomes received ...


Indian GK part 13 ( Hind

1. पंचायती राज प्रणाली को क्यों अपनाया गया ? 2. रंगीन हीरे में, अलग रंग क्यों मौजूद हैं ? 3. अंतर्राष्ट्रीय अर्थव्यवस्था ...


Indian GK part 29

1. Which substance found in blood which helps in cloting? 2. How can a major portion of the Constitution be amended? 3. ...


Indian GK part 28

1.If a ship moves from freshwater into seawater, what will happen? 2.Which was the first National SecurityAdvisor of India who died ...