Examntra | Quiz


Q.No. 1  

Which is the oldest mountain range in India?

A. Satpura Range
B. Aravali Range
C. Vindhya Range
D. Pir Panjal Range
Q.No. 2  Which is the capital of the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli?
A. Panaji
B. Dispur
C. Silvassa
D.  None of These
Q.No. 3  Badrianth Temple is in which state?
A. Odisha
B. Mumbai
C. Haryana
D. Uttarakhand
Q.No. 4  

How much plains area of India ?

A. 96.3
B. 43.3
C. 66.3
D. 22.9
Q.No. 5  The place in India receiving the lowest rainfall is?
A. Jodhpur
B. Mumbai
C. Haryana
D. Leh
Q.No. 6  Macmohan Line demarcates the boundary between which countries?
A. USA and Canda
B. Nepal and India
C. India and China
D. India and Myanmar
Q.No. 7  Where is the volcanic mountain, Mount St. Helens located?
A. Canada
B. England
D. France
Q.No. 8  

According to the Census 2001, which one of the following Indian states has the maximum population in India after Uttar Pradesh?

A. Andhra Pradesh
B. Tamil Nadu
C. Maharashtra
D. Bihar
Q.No. 9  Where is the National Stock Exchange
A. Chennai
B. Mumbai
C. New Delhi
D. Kolkata
Q.No. 10  The capital of the kingdom of Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji Was-
A. Shimla
B. Dehradun
C. Lahore
D. Amritsar