Examntra | Quiz


Q.No. 1  WhicQuestion: What does UPS stand for?h of the following countries does not meet the border of India?
A. Uninterrupted Power Supply
B. Uninterrupted Power sale
C. Universal Power Supply
D. Uninor Power Supply
Q.No. 2  Name the four metropolitan cities of India
A. Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Agra
B. , kota, Kolkata, Delhi
C. Mumbai, Chennai, jaipur, Delhi
D. Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi
Q.No. 3  Name the birthplace of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
A. Odisha
B. Mumbai
C. Haryana
D. Jaipur
Q.No. 4  What is the boiling point of water?
A. 110 degree
B. 100 degree
C. 120 degree
D. 90 degree
Q.No. 5  Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of which states?
A. Odisha
B. Mumbai
C. Haryana
D. Gujarat
Q.No. 6  Which state has taken up Sanskrit as an official language?
A. Uttarakhand
B. Mumbai
C. Haryana
D. Gujarat
Q.No. 7  Name the first female Indian Astronaut
A. Kabita
B. Kalpana Chawla
C. Kasis chawla
D. Kalpana
Q.No. 8  Who was the first Indian to go to space?
A. Rajesh Sharma
B. Suresh Sharma
C. Rakesh Sharma
D. Sunil Sharma
Q.No. 9  Who was India’s longest serving Prime Minister?
A. Harpal Nehru
B. Gandhi
C. Rakesh Sharma
D. Jawaharlal Nehru
Q.No. 10  Which is the smallest continent?
A. Australia
B.  Asia 
C. Africa
D. Europe